DEYA Brewing Company - Tappy Pils
Tappy Pils
10th July 2022

I was asked the other day how I keep my reviews subjective - the answer is that I don't. Most of my reviews are purely based on how I feel at that moment, although there aren't many scores I would change having had a second or third of the same beer. This is the beer you want after (or during) a hot summers day (believe me, I've been there). It's lovely and light and refreshing - the right amount of flavour you would expect from a pilsner. I don't know if it was just because I'd got back from a seafront bike ride, or becuase it is from @deyabrewery (and lord knows I am biased towards Deya) but this hit the nail on the head. Right in that moment, it would have got a 10, but on reflection it was "just" a pilsner (but a good one)


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