Badger Beers (Hall & Woodhouse) - The Cranborne Poacher
The Cranborne Poacher
26th May 2020

Forgot to post this on Sunday. With my recent splurge on Craft beers (as those breweries tend to be the ones delivering in lockdown), I found myself down the beer aisle of my local supermarket yearning after a good old fashioned ale. Along with a couple of @hobgoblin_beer IPAs (Number 223, 9/10), I picked up this number from @badgerbeers. Reading the back of the bottle when I got home, it said it had notes of liquorice - something I'm not keen on myself and made me slightly regret my purchase. When drinking it, you could taste the sweetness which left an odd taste in the mouth. I managed to finish it but I wouldn't buy it again.

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