Badger Beers (Hall & Woodhouse) - Twice Tangled
Twice Tangled
21st March 2021

With my recent frivolity into Double IPAs, this somewhat piqued my interest when I saw it on the Tesco website. Not only is it going back to my traditional beer-tasting routes with a classic ale, it has the modern twist of my recent flirtations. I've had this double hopped version of Badger's Tanglefoot in the fridge for a couple of weeks - was saving it as an accompaniment to a roast dinner (to which it was a great match). There was some of the DIPA characteristics there, but not enough for my liking. It was more of an intense flavour of a beer which didn't need it. Nice enough, but I think I'll stick to the classic Tanglefoot if I'm feeling that way inclined.


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